Preventative Approach

The Preventative Approach


The friendly caring staff here at Welcome Bay Dental Care want to see you before oral health problems occur as our dental emphasis is on preventative oral health care as well as providing a family-focused and friendly atmosphere.

Preventative care is what we stand for at Welcome Bay Dental Care. Our warm, caring, and friendly staff assist all patients with only one thing in mind: to stop oral health problems before they get worse. We also strive to create an inviting, family-focused atmosphere in our clinic.

Our practice is always open to new and old patients alike. We welcome new faces in our clinic and we hope to be your long-term partner toward better oral health. Rest assured that we will work with you closely to meet your oral health goals.

We agree with the age-old saying “prevention is better than cure.” We believe that identifying the cause of the dental problem whilst it is still minor makes dental treatments more convenient and less invasive. To do that, we must treat existing problems and encourage a lifestyle that focuses on preventative hygiene.

There are cases when tooth pain becomes unbearable. At this point, the patient no longer has the luxury to go through a new patient exam. As a trusted Welcome Bay dentist, we are ready to step in during such a situation. All you have to do is inform us and we’ll set up an appointment to provide the immediate care you need.

We also help brighten up smiles. Our practice uses the Pola tooth whitening system, and this is something both our patients and staff have come to love due to its effectiveness.

As a registered dentist in Tauranga, our clinic observes the Ministry of Health’s Dental Benefits Scheme. We provide free dental care to all adolescents up until they turn 18.

Welcome Bay Dental Care also offers professionally-fitted custom-made mouth guards for those who live active lifestyles. Our sports mouth guards are available in many different colours, plus we can customise it to laminate your name and phone number into the layers.

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