The Third Step: Hygiene

Once the immediate dental care is completed then it is onto the preventative part of your oral health care and in this stage we focus on regular hygiene visits to keep the mouth squeaky clean and identifying any future problems when they are small and hopefully less expensive to fix.

Patients new to hygiene visits sometimes ask “what are the benefits of getting a hygienist to clean your teeth?” A hygienist is specially trained to assist patients maintain their oral health by thoroughly cleaning the teeth and gums, screening for gum disease, educating the patient on at home oral care and providing dietary advice relating to dental disease.  Even with the most effective dental home care it is important to see a hygienist to ensure cleaning occurs below the gum level and to allow the hygienist to identify caries in its early stages.   

We can also help you make your smile whiter and brighter with a tooth whitening system that you do yourself at home.

Tooth Whitening

We start this process by booking the patient an appointment with Gareth to ensure that they are a suitable candidate for bleaching. Issues to consider are any existing caries that would need to be repaired and any existing restorations that may stand out once teeth are whitened. After this appointment it is time for a visit to Hayley make sure teeth and gums are clean and free of tartar build up.
At the hygiene appointment Hayley will take the moulds of the mouth which we use to create the bleaching trays. Once the trays are ready it is back to Hayley for instruction on using the whitening system and photographs of the pre-whitened teeth, and then the tooth whitening can commence. We get the patient back for two follow up appointments to make sure the whitening is working as desired and discuss any sensitivity problems. Once the desired whiteness is achieved we take an “after” photograph to compare to the photo of the pre-whitened teeth.  Over time teeth will stain again so patients should keep the bleaching trays safe and then you only need to purchase more whitening product to maintain a beautiful whiter brighter smile.