chipping treatment before and after “ Patient came in concerned about translucency and chipping at the tips of upper and lower front teeth. Solution was composite build-ups to improve the aesthetics and prevent further chipping of the biting edges.”
 discolouration treatment before and after “ Patient had completed orthodontic treatment and needed the finishing touches to complete the overall smile. Discolouration resulted from demineralisation as a young child and breakage on the lower tooth due to trauma. Solution was to use direct composite veneers on the uppers to improve shape and colour, and composite filling to repair the lower tooth.”
abrasion treatment before and after “Patient came in unhappy with appearance of discoloured and mottled teeth. Solution in this situation was to use micro abrasion on the tooth surface prior to bleaching and use of tooth mouse to maintain the result of the treatment. “
 porcelain crown treatment before and after “Patient came in complaining of wear, shape and colour and above all wanted them strengthened as they were heavily filled. Solution was porcelain crowns and composite filling replacements.”