The First Step

Your first visit to Gareth is a comprehensive review of your existing oral health. This hour long appointment is a great chance to get to know Gareth and the team, and allows you as the patient to become fully informed as to the current condition of your oral health. It is also an opportunity to discuss with Gareth your concerns about treatments and what you would like to achieve for your oral health in the future.

During this visit Gareth will examine your teeth, gums, soft tissues, jaw joints and lymph nodes, and he will take a full set of x-rays and photographs. If a treatment plan is needed then this is included in the comprehensive review process and will tell the patient what treatment is advised, how many appointments are required and the cost of each appointment. Gareth will even prioritise the order of the treatment so the patient knows where to start and where different treatment options are available he will make sure you understand the costs and the benefits of each option. We like to call this ‘no surprises dentistry’.

Once patients receive their personalised treatment plan they tend to stop worrying about the unknown and start focussing on working through their plan at a pace that suits their time demands and finances.

Sometimes tooth pain doesn’t allow you the luxury of a new patient exam; if you need immediate care phone us and explain your situation and we will find an appointment to help you.